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vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

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vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
Ontario vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Welcome to Northern Ontario

Area Attractions If your looking for vacation cottage rentals, stop here and have a look! As in many of the northern communities, fishing is one of the main attractions. Temagami’s lakes offer lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, pike, whitefish . If you’re quiet enough, you might spy a blue heron while mists hover over the water in the early morning or hear the cry of the loon that draws you deeper into the beauty of nature.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
Temagami - Train station

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Temagami in Ontario's Near North

Temagami's White Bear Forest - Northeastern Ontario Attractions - Temagami Sights & Attractions

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Here are the attractions in and around Temagami!

There is much to do while visiting the town of Temagami, depending on what you feel like doing. Feeling adventurous? Take a hike on one of the well-groomed trails of the White Bear Forest. These trails offer the opportunity for a self-guided walk through our northern forest with the possibility of viewing birds, wildlife, and not to mention the ancient, 300-year-old pines that the area is famous for. Or, climb the Temagami Tower for a spectacular, breath-taking view of the Temagami countryside. Want to learn something? Visit the Temagami Canoe Company and witness the craft of making a canoe, or take a look at Temagami's history at the Welcome Center. Feel like cruising? Spend a day touring Lake Temagami on a pontoon boat, complete with a shore lunch, to enjoy the splendid view of Temagami's wilderness. Mini-putt is also available.

Temagami Fire Tower in Ontario's Near North

Temagami Fire Tower
Visit Caribou Mountain and Temagami's Fire Tower. There's more to the Fire Tower experience. There's a network of hike and bike trails. You must visit the Temagami Fire Tower

The 100' high Temagami Fire Tower stands on the summit of Caribou Mountain, 400' above the town and 1300' above sea level. It is just one kilometer from Ontario's historic Yonge Street (Highway 11 Temagami's main street) and is the highest lookout point along this route.

The cupola at the top of the tower commands a view in excess of 40 kilometers, overlooking Finlayson Provincial Park, the White Bear Forest with its stands of old growth pine and the town's Portage Bay with its floatplane base and water traffic. Remnants of the historic Ferguson Highway and the sites of old mining and logging operations can also be identified from the tower.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Temagami - Temagami is the home of the giants. In Temagami's remaining ancient forest, trees between 200 and 400 years old are not unusual. Temagami still has the densest concentration of old growth red and white pine in the world, but the area has been heavily impacted by logging since the 1940's, and is increasingly fragmented.

Temagami is a world-class canoeing area, and also has a number of interpretive trails that explore the ecology of old growth pine forests.

Photo by: Ontario's Old Growth Photos / White Bear Forest Patrick Henry and Michael Henry 12/06/2005

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research: Ontario's Ancient and Old Growth Forests.

Temagami forest

Learn about Ontario's ancient and old growth forests, where they are, why they matter, and what you can do. Ancient Forest Exploration and Research is a non-profit science and education organization.

Temagami is renowned for canoeing, but there are also a number of opportunities to get out of your canoe and into the forest.

Blueberry Lake is less than 2 hours by canoe from the town of Temagami. The Blueberry Lake Ecology Trails are the best interpretive trails in Temagami.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Photo by: Ontario's Old Growth Photos / Temagami Patrick Henry and Michael Henry 12/06/2005

Blueberry Lake is less than 2 hours by canoe from the town of Temagami. The Blueberry Lake Ecology Trails are the best interpretive trails in Temagami.

Temagami White Bear ForestWhite Bear Forest can be reached on foot in a few hours from the town of Temagami, or by a short boat trip on Cassels Lake.

Temagami Island has a relatively small network of trails, but the island is one of the most beautiful, dense stands of old growth pine you could hope to see. Because it is only a short boat trip from the end of the Temagami access road, and is also along many of Temagami's canoe routes, it may be the best trail for you if you have limited time, and is worth visiting under any circumstances. Read the Temagami Island trail guide on-line.

The Temagami Station was built in 1907 by the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway, now the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC), an Ontario Crown Corporation.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Dogsledding Temagami in Ontario's Near North

Winter Vacation in Temagami Ravenscroft Lodge takes on renewed beauty while blanketed in snow for the winter months, and we invite you to challenge yourself to some ice fishing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or experience the thrill of dogsledding over Northern Ontario's frozen panorama.

Area Attractions


Blue Sky Region

Temagami and area is considered the adventure vacation capital of northern Ontario.

One of the biggest and most beautiful attractions are the nightly northern Ontario skies starting with an awesome sunset and leading into star-studded heavens. Some guests are lucky to be with us when the Northern Lights and Milky Way appear on the scene - unforgettable! A Temagami vacation in the Near North - Blue Sky region of Ontario is sure to have everything you want your getaway to be. Relax, enjoy, don't forget the camera and plenty of film! We are here for you whatever the season.

Lake Temagami - Surrounded by old growth pine trees, Lake Temagami (pronounced Te-MAWG-a-mee, from the Ojibway word for 'deep water by the shore') this large lake is filled with bays and islands. Canoeing, house boating, windsurfing and fishing are common activities.

Town of Temagami Finlayson Point Provincial Park - Finlayson Point Provincial Park draws avid canoeists, hikers and anglers to the wilderness of Temagami. A hike up Caribou mountain to the look out and fire tower is worthwhile.

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park - A backcountry lover's delight, the rugged terrain and numerous waterfalls of this wilderness park are idyllic. Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater is home to the highest point in Ontario - Ishpatina Ridge. For more details about the park, phone Finlayson Provincial Park at (705) 569-3205.

White Bear Old Growth Forest - This forest contains nearly 800 hectares (2000 acres) of land filled with old growth red and white pine trees. The white pine is Ontario's provincial tree. Travel the visually stunning White Bear Forest Trail System, containing hikes for all levels of fitness.

Town of Temagami: Grey owl Festival

Just next door to us is the Temagami Wilderness Center

Town of Temagami: - Fish Hatchery

Temagami , Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Temagami Ontario?

Area Attractions


vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

COBALT ONTARIO Northern Ontario Mining Museum OPEN EVERYDAY June 1 to September 30 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm October 1 to May 31 - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Just a short drive north of Temagami

Cobalt Coleman Fire Museum Silver Street Cobalt

The Bunker Military Museum 679-5220 1 Station Street Cobalt

Cobalt Mining Museum 679-8301 24 Silver Street Cobalt

Classic Theatre 679-8080 30 Silver Street Cobalt

Heritage Silver Trail at Mining Museum 679-8301 24 Silver Street Cobalt

Highway Book Shop 679-8375 Hwy 11 South Cobalt

Iddy – Biddy Petting Farm 679-5385 Hwy 11 South Cobalt

Silverland - Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Soda Shop 679-2115 7 Prospect Ave. Cobalt

Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club 679-5106 Portage Bay Road Cobalt

Tri-Town Ski Village 672-3888 Lorrain Valley North Cobalt

Cobalt, Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Cobalt Ontario?

Area Attractions


THE LITTLE TOWN WITH A BIG HEART - The Corporation of the Town of Englehart P.O. Box 399 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Englehart & Area Historical Museum 544-2400 67 6th Ave. Englehart Hours of Operation: Tue. to Fri. 10 am to 4 pm Sat. & Sun. 12 noon to 4pm Mother's Day (May) - December 1 - Englehart and Area Historical Museum, situated in the "hub of Northern Ontario." The "hub" for many reasons, but mainly because the area was initially developed as an important railway divisional point for the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway (T.&N.O.) The growing population in the early 1900 's was due to the combination of this railway, as well as the huge labour demand for the lumbering industry of the Englehart and nearby Charlton area. With population growth, commercial and support services soon have to follow. The original Englehart Public School building built in 1909 is now the home of our museum.

Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area 544-8437 48 6th Ave Englehart

Kap-Kig-iwan Provincial Park 544-2050 Kap-Kig-iwan Road-Hwy. 11 Englehart - The Englehart River plunges down whitewater rapids, over a waterfall (Kap-Kig-Iwan in Ojibway), past rugged rock outcrops, through deep ravines and by flats of colorful wildflowers in this picturesque park near Englehart. Hiking, birdwatching and spring fishing are excellent. Bonus: no blackflies. Day use only.

Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park Located in the District of Timiskaming in Northeastern Ontario, the attractive Town of Englehart hugs the banks of the Englehart River approximately 198 kilometers north of North Bay.

Englehart, Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Englehart Ontario?

Area Attractions


Haileybury Heritage Museum 672-1922 575 Main Street Haileybury

Temiskaming Art Gallery 672-3706 545 Lakeshore Drive Haileybury - HOURS OF OPERATION The gallery is open throughout the year. The hours of operation are Tuesday to Friday 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The gallery is located in the Town of Haileybury on Highway 11B at Lakeshore Road. It can be found in the Haileybury Public Library building, at the north end of the library.

Temiskaming Little Museum 672-3545 468 Ferguson Ave. Haileybury

Cobalt Haileybury Curling Club 672-3515 302 Amwell Street Haileybury

Beach & Outdoor Waterslide 672-5057 Haileybury

Waterfront Haileybury

Haileybury Marina 672-5889 451 Farr Avenue Haileybury

Haileybury Golf Club 672-3455 Latchford Street Haileybury

Bucke Park 672-2611 Lorrain Valley on Hwy. 567 Haileybury

Bob’s Driving Range 672-5280 Main Street Haileybury

Haileybury, Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Haileybury Ontario?

Area Attractions


Horne Granite Curling Club 647-4422 44 Whitewood Ave. New Liskeard

Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum 647-9575 883356 Hwy 65 “At The Cow” New Liskeard - New Liskeard is located in a large open bay on the northwestern part of Lake Temiskaming. The Wabi River empties into the lake, which drains hundreds of acres of flat clay farmland. Several local Indian families camped periodically along the riverbank, as this whole basin was their traditional hunting and trapping grounds. Indian families had been inhabiting the southern end of Lake Temiskaming since the early 1600s. By the late 1600s and early 1700s, the Hudson Bay Company built Fort Temiskaming on the east side of the lake, just north of where the lake narrows to about 200 yards in width. Here the water flows swiftly but was navigable.

Canvas & Clay 647-6644 43 Whitewood Ave. New Liskeard

New Liskeard, Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in New Liskeard Ontario?

Area Attractions


Elk Lake Museum - Elk Lake’s unique background goes back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years before the arrival of the European. Remnants of Pictographs on rocks showed what were clearly trade routes used by the Cree and Anishnabai people. These routes were already well established prior to the establishment of the Fur Trade of the mid 1600s. Remnants of an Aboriginal graveyard that can be seen on the south side of town perhaps a testament to the fact that Elk Lake had an early settlement on it shores.

The Ojibway tribe named the lake after the huge herds of elk that roamed the area at this time. Fur trading remained the mainstay of the region until the early nineteenth century when the strong white and red pine trees proved ideal material for masts to be used on British sailing ships, and the need for this and other lumber for construction and newspaper use saw the many stands along the Ottawa, and eventually the Montreal rivers, mass harvested by Lumber King J.R. Booth and others.

Elk Lake Ontario

Elk Lake Links

Elk Lake Planing Mill Tours – call to make reservations 678-2210 6th Street Elk Lake

Elk Lake Community ForestElk Lake Community Forest ~ Elk Lake, Ontario

Domtar Elk LakeDomtar Inc. Elk Lake Sawmill Elk Lake ON P0T 2P0

Grant Forest Products Inc. ~ Englehart, Ontario Township of James ~ Elk Lake, Ontario

The Corporation of the Township of James Elk Lake ~ Township of James RR#1 Elk Lake, Ontario P0J 1G0 705 678-2237

Elk Lake, Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Elk Lake Ontario?

Town Description The Township of James (Elk Lake), is nestled on the banks of the Montreal River approximately 220 km north of North Bay. Elk Lake is a dynamic community with a high level of volunteerism which is quickly noted by visitors. Elk Lake has many positive qualities. It is very scenic, has a low cost of living, good paying job opportunities, good public schooling, recreational facilities, an expanse of outdoor recreational area and excellent tourist accommodations.

Area Attractions


Latchford Ontario just north of the town of Temagami. In addition to the usual outdoor enticements, Latchford boasts a history which comes to life in many tourist attractions such as the Montreal River Heritage Tours, the House of Memories Museum and the Ontario Logger's Hall of Fame.

Latchford, the Gateway to the James Bay Frontier. The Town of Latchford was established in 1907, and at that time, it was a heavily explored mining town. Well, the town grew and developed and 95 years later, Latchford has become famous for its logging heritage. Sometimes referred to as “Sawdust City”, Latchford is located in South Temiskaming, just 35 kilometres from Temagami.

A Short Rail History Latchford, Ontario Rail Scenes in Latchford

Latchford Ontario

Latchford Paintball 676-2149 16 King St. Latchford

Latchford , Ontario - The Weather Network - What's the weather like in Latchford Ontario?

Area Attractions


North Bay and area is a splendour of scenery and attractions. North Bay welcomes everyone to come see the many attractions that are hosted by this area. For starters, how about a five star attraction? The Dionne Museum features the five biggest stars of the world from the 1930s, the Dionne Quintuplets, along with all kinds of other fascinating historical exhibits, displays and artifacts. Plus there's a Travel Information Centre right next door to fill you in on everything from room prices to pizza slices.

North Bay's Waterfront is home to special events including Canada Day Celebrations on July 1 and the Heritage Festival on the Civic Holiday Weekend in early August.

It's at the waterfront that you'll also find the Chief Commanda II, a twin-hull boat that offers a choice of cruises on picturesque Lake Nipissing or the Chief Commanda I restaurant which offers you a great sunset setting while you enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

If you’re lucky enough to visit our region in the fall then, be sure to climb aboard the Dream Catcher Express, a fall colour train which travels 100 km northward from North Bay to Temagami, Ontario and returns on the same day. This captivating train excursion allows you to enjoy brilliant fall colours through large viewing windows in the comfort of your passenger car. While in Temagami, a number of unique experiences are available including tours of an aboriginal tipi village, guided hikes through old growth pine forests, scenic bush plane flights and boat tours of beautiful Lake Temagami.

North Bay Ontario

Area Attractions


The Copper Cliff Museum is housed in an authentic log cabin built just before the turn of the century. Its local relics and antiques will give you a taste of Sudbury's intriguing past.

The Flour Mill Heritage Museum features antique furniture, handtools, farm implements and other items of historical interest. Admission is free for both but they're open only from June until Labour Day.

The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre (shown right) is located in Capreol, which is now part of the City of Greater Sudbury, but in 1913 it was born as the Town of Capreol, although back then, it was only a mile post on the Canadian Northern Railway Line.

The Art Gallery of Sudbury (shown left) is housed in the former mansion and coach house of W.J. Bell. The old stone house, with its picturesque grounds, offers a lovely environment for its changing exhibitions of local, national and international art. The Art Gallery of Sudbury, on John Street (off Paris Street), is open daily except Mondays and holidays from noon to 5 p.m.

The Big Nickel... On May 10 2003, The Big Nickel was moved to its new permanent home at Canada's newest science centre, Dynamic Earth . The Big Nickel is Sudbury's most famous landmark. At 9 metres high and 61 centimetres thick, this replica of the Canadian five cent piece is the largest coin in the world.

Sudbury is known as the Nickel City because of its nickel and copper mines.
Inco Limited is the largest producer of nickel in the western world.
Falconbridge Ltd. also produces copper and nickel from the Sudbury Basin.
Together, the local operations of the two companies provide the Sudbury Region with the largest integrated mining complex in the world.

See More of Sudbury

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada The Jewel of Sudbury: Science North

The jewel of Sudbury’s hospitality industry is Science North, a glistening stainless steel science center and Imax theater, which overlooks a seven-mile expanse of fresh water lake and trees as far as the eye can see.

Science North’s four attractions – a science center, Imax theater, and industrial bus tour – now record close to 455,000 admissions each year. This is a remarkable achievement in a community of only 165,000 residents, but what is even more remarkable is the story of how this community pulled together to completely transform its image.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
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Experience 3,000 miles of shoreline over 1,200 islands surrounded by majestic pines in the land the Objibway call “Deep Water by the Shore”.

The Temagami Chamber of Commerce - Provides links to accommodations outfitters community services coming events and activities with area map

Darryl s Temagami Web Page - General information about Temagami and its region with pictures of the past local figures books and online resources

The Temagami Fire Tower - A restored forest fire tower providing views of Lake Temagami the town of Temagami and old growth forest from the highest point on Caribou Mountain

Temagami Community Foundation - A public Canadian charitable foundation and a community savings account established by generous donors for the long-term benefit of the Temagami community

Temagami Stewardship Council - Assists the Ministry of Natural Resources to preserve protect restore and improve the natural resources and environment of Lake Temagami and Cross Lake Temagami Anishnabai Tipi Camp - A traditional native camp located on Bear Island Briefly describes the package plan rates and location

The Municipality of Temagami - Official site with information about its services the Chamber of Commerce and the historic fire tower Includes a chat room and press releases

Temagami Shores Inn and Resort - A four-season resort in a wilderness setting offers facilities for group functions such as conferences retreats weddings and banquets

Temagami Information - Information about Temagami and its attractions featuring fishing lodges and resorts

Andorra Lodge - Nestled in the heartland of the Temagami Region which boasts some of the finest canoeing opportunities in Ontario

Lakeland Airways and Three Buoys Houseboat Vacations - Lakeland aircraft serve the Temagami area with access to outpost camps located on remote lakes and Three Buoys provides unique floating holidays on board outfitted houseboats Describes a variety of package vacations rates and features of the houseboats

Lake Herridge Lodge - Located in the Temagami Wilderness Forest Bear and moose hunting snowboarding and ice fishing

Leisure Island Houseboats - Houseboat accommodations located on Lake Temagami Details include houseboat layouts rental rates and photo gallery

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Burrows Marine - Specializes in inboard and outboard motor repairs for boats and snowmobiles Includes full list of services

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Ravenscroft Lodge - Offers fishing for walleye northern pike lake trout and bass